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[SCANDAL] Husband Caught Cheating, Wife Lets Him Eat Condom As Revenge

A husband in the province in Eastern Visayas was caught by surprise when his wife whom he believed was already at work caught him and the maid red handed under the bed.

7:30 in the morning when Alicia (not real name) left the house not to work but to buy supplies at the nearest grocery store.

Meding (not real name) has been with the couple for six months now and RJ, the husband has been rumored by neighbors to be hitting the kasambahay.

RJ has been in the house with no work since he was disqualified to continue with his contract in Bahrain due to lung disease.

The wife works as a manager at a local jewelers shop.

Meding was in the shower when the wife left. Almost 8 am when RJ woke up and believing that his wife went to work already, he sneaked into the bathroom with the maid.

Half an hour later both heard the main door opening and were surprised to learn it was Alicia. With no time to fix, they hid underneath the bed but it was already too late.

Alicia has no plans yet on filing charges against the two, but she plans on making the maid stay and not have her waged for one year as revenge.

In the police blotter, the wife reportedly smash the head of the husband with the hairblower and it was not enough, she even had his husband ate the used condom.

[VIDEO] Forevermore Episode February 17, 2015

Enrique Gil is definitely at the summit of his career now, but in the latest development of his TV project, it seems like exciting and great things are happening.

Love really knows no boundaries and it really will come to you when you least expect it.

Just when he thought he would have  a hard time making up to the one girl he loves, it seems like the universe is conspiring to make it happen for him.

Liza is also introduced to the company as the latest hire however Enrique is a no show!

It is all nothing but a big surprise for him and he is not prepared for it.

He has to do planning. Watch what will happen tonight.

[VIDEO] Dream Dad Episode on February 17, 2015

The cutest and the number one television series ever to hit the small screen continues to be a favorite staple by many televiewers in the early night time block.

Even fans from rival networks cannot help but be adored the cutesy and very talented girl.

But the spotlight is now the love team that is flourishing between boss and the lady.

She has been told by her father that in her age and status, she ought to be already settling down, or like being married already.

She insisted however that she needs to find a boyfriend first.

While in the office, she greats the boss "Magandang Buhay!" which means good life!

But boss frowns upon it insisting she don't call him boss. She said, it is work time so it is only appropriate to do so.

[VIDEO] Watch "Bagito" Episode February 17, 2015

Next on Bagito, the main character still cannot believe that he was being lied to by the mother of his child.

Now, he wants the truth to come out and the only thing he is holding onto is the official DNA results.

This will finally put a stop to the rumors that it is not him who is the real father of the child but someone else.

He wants to make sure that these people will not succeed in taking away the baby from him.

[ScandaI] 2 Highschool Sweethearts Caught in Video

Students from still undisclosed public high school is the subject of many talks as their video showing their acts which should be private was caught on video.

Now this is not connected to a previous scandal shot by a student in the school gym where the boyfriend and girlfriend were caught doing it in the stairs.

The two lovers there were unaware that they were being recorded.

This new case however seems to suggest that these love birds are aware of being captured by camera lens.

It is said that the public asked media to keep the names of their students from being published although their identities have already surfaced on Facebook.

Piolo Pascual Scandal Video Circulates Online

It is all over social media, Facebook,  Twitter, Tumblr  and YouTube, Piolo Pascual and, supposedly, his girlfriend is in the spotlight as hashtag Piolo Pascual video trends.

Facebook postings are flooding timelines now forwarding a link to a video showing Piolo and a partner.

The link proved to be a scam site, using title baiting tactic to lure internet users to click on the link.

The web pages in question did not provide details, not even the video, so netizens are advised not to click on these posts.

Internet users are also warned of malwares that these pages contain.

Netizens react that the thumbnails being used is not of Piolo's but of someone who resembles the actor.

It is not the first time that actors are being dragged to controversies with videos showing persons that resemble them.

MOR 97.1 Epic Top 20 Countdown Year End Special

December 28, 2014 (Sunday)

20 – Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass
19 – Angeline Quinto – Umiiyak Ang Puso
18 – Tony Alfonso & Kaye Dinauto – Intergalactic Gugma
17 – Jason DeRulo feat Snoop Dogg – Wiggle
16 – Angeline Quinto – Gusto Kita

15 – Nicki Minaj – Anaconda
14 – Yeng Constantino – Ikaw
13 – Lim Chang Jung – Open The Door
12 – KZ Tandingan – Mahal Ko O Mahal Ako
11 – Vice Ganda – Boom Panes

10 – Johar Lapasaran – Apan Wala Ka Na
9 – Lorde – Royals
8 – Pitbull feat Ke$ha – Timber
7 – James Reid & Nadine Lustre – No Erase
6 – Gloc 9 feat Rico Blanco – Magda

5 – Sam Concepcion – Mahal Na Mahal
4 – Demi Lovato – Let It Go
3 – John Legend – All Of Me
2 – Jerika Teodorico – Labyu Langga
1 – MAGIC! – Rude

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